Marilyn Moreno

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Marilyn Moreno

Originally from Cali, Colombia Marilyn has lived in the Tampa Bay Area for over 10 years and is fluent in both languages, English and Spanish. Marilyn has a background in Banking, Insurance, and Door to Door Sales making her a great communicator. 

“In 2019 I worked behind the scenes of Real Estate as an Agent Ambassador and took it upon myself to study the important pieces of a contract. My goal has been to become a Realtor that demonstrates knowledge in selling, buying or investing in Real Estate. It is important to me in following best practices in order to protect my clients in what I know can be one of their largest commitments.

I work to be the Realtor my family, friends and clients are proud to talk about. Real Estate to me goes beyond helping a client buy or sell their home. We all have a story to tell and creating a connection with my clients in the most respectful, kind and professional mannerism is important to me. I come from a large family that educated me to lead by example and that is what I will do every step of the way. My passions include spending quality time with loved ones, connecting with nature and expanding my knowledge.


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